Often referred to as "Plain Old Telephone Service" (POTS) lines, this service offers basic communication between local switching centers and your telephone, key system, fax machine or modem. CMC ClearStream Service is the simplest and ideal solution for all your basic telecommunication needs.

Business lines allow subscribers to:
  • Make and receive calls
  • Send and receive fax documents
  • Access the Internet

  • Whether you use these services to connect a telephone, fax machine, modem or key system you can be assured you will have a local service you can rely on for your everyday needs.

    Why CMC ClearStream Lines?
    Business Lines are ideal for:
  • Small Business customers
  • Customer who do not currently require the feature functionality of a PBX
  • Customer with fewer than 15 lines

  • CMC Telecom has a multitude of features that enhance Basic Local Phone Service, such as:

    Call Transfer or Three-Way Conference Calling
    Allows the users to transfer any call or add third party to an established connection

    Call Forward Busy
    Redirects calls to another station when called station is busy

    Call Forward No Answer
    Redirects calls to another station when called station does not answer

    Call Forward Variable
    Incoming calls are redirected to another station

    Speed Dial (8 or 30 codes)
    Allows a user to place calls to designated numbers by dialing one or two digits rather than the complete telephone number. Users can program up to 8 or 30 codes.

    Call Waiting/Cancel Call Waiting
    With the sound of a beep, the user will be alerted that another call is waiting to be answered. It is not necessary to terminate the original call to answer the call, which is waiting.

    Caller ID w/Name
    Provides the name of (or state of) and the telephone number associated with the calling party. This feature requires a display device.

    Caller ID Blocking-Selective, -Complete

    The caller's number can be blocked from the destination's display on every call.

    Extensive voice messaging features, packaged in a way that make them easy to use. Simple prompts help with every step, giving you the option to review messages, record greetings, and change pass codes by simply pressing numbers on your touch-tone keypad.